Partnerships & Resource Mobilization

Against the backdrop of the Sustainable Development Agenda and other global frameworks with a shared vision and common goals, partnerships are front and center to support implementation on a national and regional level. Developing excellence in different kinds of partnership development  -  some with financial support, others strategic  - will be critical in maximizing impact on beneficiaries.

For non-profits, social enterprises, UN agencies and other similar organizations who are looking to expand their pool of donors and other strategic partners, services include refining value proposition, donor landscape, plans for outreach/relationship development, and coaching staff.

Organizational & Strategic Planning

For non-profit organizations who are just starting or looking to take your organization to the next level, we can help you with a specific project, refine operations, or develop an overall strategy that puts you on the path to achieving your goals.

Our engagement can be as tactical or broad as your organization needs. Examples of how we can help include the following: refining your mission statement, developing budgets and projections, assisting with program development and evaluation, assessing potential partners, researching donors, creating fundraising/friend-raising events, and writing grant/funding proposals.

Philanthropic Advisory

As an individual, family or corporation that has achieved financial success, you think about how to make a unique and meaningful contribution to your community or the world. You might be at the beginning of your journey or perhaps dipped your toe in the water but are looking to be more focused and strategic. We are surrounded with so much need and so many challenges: how do you choose, how do you find the right organization, non-profit or for-profit?

We help donor in creating a thoughtful process for exploring issue areas and narrowing the field of potential organizations to fund. Being confident in the broad strokes of your philanthropy goes a long way in effectively and efficiently embarking on the nitty-gritty strategic planning process.

Learning Journeys
We match the world's most critical issues to the world's most compelling destinations for a truly transformational experience - creating a new gold standard for meaningful travel.

We create learning journeys which are moving events accessing the best of social enterprise and country/culture. We use travel as the means to enable an individual or organization to go out into the world and explore different cultures and ways of life, understand their challenges and solutions, meet innovative social entrepreneurs, and see the impact on beneficiaries firsthand.

We expertly design exclusive journeys and life experiences, both at home and abroad, that nurture the mind and the soul and bring individuals to a deeper exploration and understanding of themselves, each other, and the world in which we live.

Great for families with next generation family members with a desire to learn together. For corporate foundations, social responsibility and employee engagement departments, it is an efficient way to establish relationships and identify concrete ideas for contributing to local communities long term.
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